2017 – The Cyber-Sec Year

2016 ended in major US grudges against Russia for the latter’s cyber-attacks which allegedly culminated in turning the US elections tide in favor of Donald Trump and implanting malware in a Vermont electricity company (like it did with Ukraine’s grid back in 2014, as gossip ports it). These grudges morphed, at diplomatic level, in the US’s expulsion of 35 Russian diplomatic personnel with alleged intelligence background or proclivities, which Putin choose not to reciprocate, thus putting on the geopolitical stage another crude but effective diplomatic stunt.

Back here on earth, more or less independent tech companies will revamp their R&D to get more in tune with new developments in cyber security and to score that major leap in innovation which would make the difference in the fight against what is now officially perceived as the Russian cyber-security threat.

To put things in a scarier perspective, utility grids has not been and will not be the only target; it just happens to be a target that rises the highest concern to a larger chunk of population, irrespective of its computer literacy. It is easy to illustrate too: if Russians penetrate the grid, lights go off! But there are targets everywhere, potentially affecting anything that relies on the internet, causing from major disruptions resulting in gigantic denials of service to infinitesimal glitches with potential to cause billions of dollars in damage.

Scare aside, cybersec is good business which can score phenomenal short and long term profits. And this is an opportunity which doesn’t belong to DARPA off-shoots only. All of you with research capability and good ideas come talk to us. We can help you sell your concept where it’s needed.

We wish you a Happy and Cyber-tight 2017!

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