In Melania’s Defense…

There is some media fuss out there on account of Melania Trump’s seeking legal remedies in the form of monetary damages against the British tabloid The Daily Mail online. Melania, or rather the Trump household, seeks $150 M from said tabloid for its publication of a disparaging story about Melania’s past, later deemed unfounded and retracted. A classic libel action, hardly surprising given Trump’s litigious proclivities. Press nonetheless find this action extraordinary and immoral on grounds that the plaintiff (Melania) apparently seeks to make her prima facie case of libel by showing that she will suffer imminent financial since the publication of such story has deprived or will certainly deprive her of fructifying a „golden, once in a lifetime opportunity to launch a broad-based commercial brand”, i.e. the visibility conferred by her status of First Lady, which should be frowned upon and is something that the dwellers of the White House have never done and shall never do. I am not so sure that’s entirely accurate. Many US presidents and First Ladies have profited from their status, maybe not by selling garments and fragrances, but by selling publication rights and conferencing time, but, then, what’s the difference?

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